The 3 week Glimmer Program

For women who have suffered miscarriage, stillbirth, newborn or child loss

The 3 week Glimmer Program is the right fit for you if you find yourself wanting:

  • more support
  • to optimize you mind and body while managing this grief
  • to connect with others in a similar situation, fellow women who will understand
  • to find peacefulness amidst the ravages of grief
  • to connect in a more spiritual way with your beloved baby who has passed on

I believe so deeply in the power of meditation. But I am not just talking from personal experience, there are many studies to support the evidence for mindfulness and its effectiveness in grief. For it's ability to improve resilience, strength and manage symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. It allows you to find peacefulness and strength amongst the ravages of grief. The mind is so incredibly powerful - harnessing some control over your thoughts and ruminations and opening yourself up to peacefulness and calm is so important. Guided visualizations can give you a safe space to just 'be,'to reconnect with your body, mind and spirit.

I believe that peer support is so important when you are grieving. Fellow women who understand how it feels to go on living in a world without your baby in your arms. Who face similar challenges like returning to work, celebrating the anniversaries or contemplating a rainbow pregnancy. There are so many challenges that can be so difficult to face - don't let yourself do this alone. Pregnancy, newborn and child loss happen every day - lets support each other with compassion and kindness. 

 I want to help you to come through this tragedy with:

  • emotional and psychological stability
  • compassion and love for your self and your child
  • connection with your self and others 

The Glimmer 3 week online program starts on the first Monday of every month - this means that you will go through the 3 week program with the same set group of fellow mothers of loss. This is just so important because it means you won't need to keep repeating yourself and your story. You won't need to keep reintroducing yourself. You will build a meaningful and compassionate online connections - if you want to. There is no pressure to share anything! You need only contribute as much, or as little as you want to. If you would prefer not to join the online group, that is completely at your discretion. Perhaps the meditations and the video content is all you are ready for. That is completely fine.

I want you to be able to

  • adjust to your new life
  • feel acknowledged, seen and safe to feel how you are feeling
  • re-engage in your community
  • maintain and optimize your well-being
  • open your heart to your life yet to live

In the online 3 week Glimmer Program, I will provide you with:

  • daily guided meditations for 5-10 minutes to allow you to cultivate peacefulness, strength and a way to manage your grief. Building a meditation practice into your life that is both helpful as well as calming and relaxing.
  • access to supportive video content about managing grief and caring for yourself. This content provides grief management tools and coping strategies to navigate and weather the triggers and hardships to come.
  • connect you with a small group of other women who have suffered similar loss because peer support and sharing deep meaningful conversation is typically lacking through this time

Once you have signed up to the 3 week Glimmer online Program, you will receive a welcome email confirming your spot. The program will start on the first Monday of each month and you will be granted access to all of the content and the link to your online support group.

This program is run 'not for profit' - any surplus from the sale of this program will be donated to research aimed at preventing pregnancy or newborn loss.

This is a program to give you a Glimmer of hope.

A little about me and why I created the Glimmer Program and the Glimmer Podcast....

My name is Dr Ashleigh Smith and, like you, I’ve suffered more pain and sadness then I ever thought I could survive. My daughter Isla passed away when she was just 2 days old. My heart and my soul felt broken. I felt so alone.

Having worked as a medical doctor in Obstetrics for many years prior – I know the great highs and the crushing lows of childbirth. I’ve witnessed the great spectrum motherhood has to offer in my patients, and felt that losing my daughter was a painfully ironic tragedy.

It astounded me that after leaving hospital without my daughter in my arms, the medical and mental health systems didn’t have much on offer help with the ravages of grief.

I tried everything.

I accessed the hospital supplied information pamphlets, the hotlines and the counselors. I joined large Facebook groups that I didn’t feel safe or comfortable to post in, and that triggered and saddened me every day. There were free support group ‘meet-ups’ but the members changed each time and I found my husband and I constantly having to retell our sad story at each meeting.

I was experiencing the most profound agony and the existing support structures weren’t even touching the sides – grief from losing a child is such a deep, deep sorrow

Therefore, I decided to create the Glimmer Project and put my medical and science knowledge toward sifting through all available evidence and literature that can help guide and support women through postnatal grief. The Glimmer Project was built to support you and the millions of other women who experience miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn loss every single year.

It exists to give hope, light, connection and guidance through one of the toughest life challenges - losing a baby.  

I hope that Glimmer can be a light for you in the darkness. Don't let yourself do this alone.

May you find connection

May you find acceptance

May you be happy

Frequently asked questions:

What if I don't like meditation or have never done it before? Most people that join have never meditated before. Meditation is a practice and absolutely nobody is perfect. What matters is the commitment to set aside the time, every day (if you can!), to practice meditation. 

What if I don't want to participate in the online peer support group? That is completely fine, you can just 'leave the group' or not join in the first place. You are absolutely welcome to just utilize the meditations and video content.

What if I am not happy with the program or don't like someone in the group? Please send me a message and we can troubleshoot a plan. If you desire a full refund, that is absolutely your prerogative.

Is this medical advice? No, this is a kind, gentle and compassionate peer support and meditation group. All members are expected to be respectful and kind to one another. Otherwise they may be removed from the group.

What if I can't complete the program? You can gain access to the program for as long as you like, please send me a message and let me know if you need to change the start date or desire a refund. I want you to feel supported and safe.

This is a program to give you a Glimmer of hope.