About Dr Ashleigh Smith


Welcome dear friend. I'm so sorry you're here but I'm glad we have found each other.

Like you, I’ve suffered great loss and pain. More than I ever thought I could survive. Like you, I was left completely decimated after my daughter Isla passed away unexpectedly. My heart and my soul felt broken. My friends and family couldn’t quite relate to what I was experiencing - I felt they just couldn’t reach me and at times I just felt so alone. 

So here we are. You and I. Connecting over our greatest sorrow - the loss of our baby.








Pregnancy/neonatal loss isn’t as uncommon as it should be and having worked as a medical doctor in Obstetrics for many years – I know the great highs and the crushing lows of childbirth. I’ve witnessed the great spectrum motherhood has to offer.

The medical and mental health systems didn’t have a pill or program I could take to give me any reprieve. The hospital provided information pamphlets, the social worker and phone numbers for hotlines. I joined large Facebook groups that I didn’t feel safe or comfortable to post in and that triggered and saddened me every day. There were free support group ‘meet-ups’ but the members changed each time and I found my husband and I constantly having to retell our sad story at each meeting. I was experiencing the most profound agony and the existing support structures weren’t even touching the sides – grief is such a deep psychic pain.




Using my medical and science knowledge and skills, I embarked on a mission to sift through the available evidence and literature. Through the Glimmer Program, I will share with you the tools I have discovered and connect you with a small group of other women who have suffered similar loss because peer support and sharing deep meaningful conversations is vital.

The mission of this program is to share the evidence-based gems I have collected along my own journey, and foster a small community of support, kindness and safety for you.



I want to help you to come through this with as much psychological stability, compassion and connection with your self and others – your confidential and secure support group will help you to navigate and weather the triggers and hardships to come. We will honour you and your beloved child.

Don’t let the darkness swallow you, don’t let yourself do this alone.

May you find connection

May you find acceptance

May you be happy


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